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We're here to critique your profile to help you catch his or her digital eye, teach you how to flirt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, master the art of swiping right on Tinder and mobile dating apps, and help you decipher those cryptic text messages.It was one year ago today, when like most others, I was glued to the television watching the results of the Clinton versus Trump election. [Read more] When I coach singles on dating and finding love, I always suggest casting a wide net, scheduling a second date even if there’s no instant chemistry, and expanding your social...So, you may wonder how then you can talk to someone you like without showing your interest.

Obviously, saying “Hi” or sending an email in any manner, shape or form suggests that the other person is attractive. Being mysterious is very important here; not having an idea of whether or not the person you are communicating with has an interest in you for the initial five minutes, or the first two or three emails is very wise.This is A Common Problem I see with my dating coaching clients. You may have made a common mistake made by online dating newbies. First of all, let’s take a look at what happens when someone contacts someone else on a dating site.People are looking for a partner who is fun, polite and exciting.[Read more] Are you flirting up a storm on Instagram?Do you think finding love online means only swiping right on Tinder, Bumble or mobile apps? [Read more] Meet Rachel and Jason who fell in love on the Tinder mobile dating app.

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