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Ask questions to each other, just like when you were first dating! A lot of couples sweep little annoyances and pet peeves under the rug.

A side benefit of getting to know one another again is an increase in passion and excitement. Over time, though, these small everyday irritations can add up and put a relationship on life support.

After some discussions and range trips she has a whole new perspective.

She has a LTCF and always makes me buy two of anything.

Time alone gives partners those vital moments to process thoughts, pursue hobbies and develop new topics to talk about!

Too much space or separateness isn't good, but partners who pursue their own hobbies, interests and friends tend to be happier than those who depend on each other for everything.

He said the date ended abruptly after that..."almost" he states . Some are completely fine, others are somewhat leery (you can tell), but typically okay. i'm involved somewhat in the local art/poetry scene, and as you can imagine, it's comprised mostly of hipster fags, feminazis, tree huggers, emo queers, and other assorted libtards. (These are multiple conversations and take a long time.) 5. I'm almost glad that we never found a chance for me to teach her given where we ended up.

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Don't keep secrets, and share with your partner some of the fun or funny things that happened during me-time. Unlike when they were first dating, they stop asking each other questions and learning more about each other. To stay happy in a relationship, partners need to talk to each other every single day, for at least 10 minutes, about anything other than the home, kids, work or their relationship.

So I was talking with a buddy of mine today and he is again out on the dating scene. If they do not like guns this will not change unless something catastrophic happens.

He is 23, same age as me, and carries a glock 26 concealed almost all the time when he's not working. Even then, most folks who don't like guns will not change their minds. I do think that things are much, MUCH more complicated than that.

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