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The Daily Telegraph was founded by Colonel Arthur B Sleigh as the 'Daily Telegraph and Courier' on 29th June 1855 and it was sold at the price of two pence.Sleigh had set up the paper in order to pursue his quarrel with the Duke of Cambridge, later Commander-in-Chief of the Army.It is printed from Monday to Saturday in broadsheet format and as of December 2008, it has an average weekly circulation of 824,244 copies.The newspaper takes a centre-right political stance and traditionally supports the Conservative Party, although it backed the Liberal Party under William Gladstone in the early years.

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Discovering what happened the day you were born is easily achieved by looking at the front page and headlines from your date of birth.Baron Camrose purchased the Morning Post on 24th August 1937, which was the favoured newspaper of the retired officer class.He merged the paper with the Daily Telegraph on 1st October 1937.The price of the newspaper was reduced to one penny.The Daily Telegraph outsold The Times within a year, as The Times was being sold for the much higher price of seven pence.

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