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The best part of this is that it gets a lot in the shot and that makes for a good selfie and a satisfied and well sexted boy friend.

There are in general two things you need to get some hot pics, one of course being a cute girl and the other one being a boyfriend or local douche with a camera.

How many girls do you know, or have ever even seen that are perfect like this?

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but we feel that this girl pretty much has it all.

Really she is completely unique in a way and we are thrilled to get some pics of her.

Ramen is one of my fave Emo girls due to her perfect paleness and also her uncanny resemblance to a certain Movie Star that we like.

This girl has that perfect strawberry blonde paleness that is disappearing along with the rest of the white girls. Times are tight these days and there are a lot and a I mean a lot of cute girls begging for cash on Twitch and Youtube.

This girl is more of a tease than most, and wisely tries to make the most of what she has got rather than give it all away immediately.

I can say there are certainly some girls who have great and flattering tattoos and then there are girls who got them in a correctional center or gang.

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