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Family Search can give you local numbers for genealogy specialists and directions to the closest physical Family Search location so you can get personalized help.Volunteers are readily available to help with the actual process of researching your family so you don’t have to do it alone.If you have a GEDCOM file of a family tree you created with another program, Family Search lets you upload it into your family tree online.However, if you wish to import Family Search files into a desktop genealogy program, you will need to ensure the software is Family Search certified, since Family Search doesn’t create or export GEDCOM files.All other tools and research databases are available to all users.Family Search used to provide information for DNA testing, but it no longer offers this service.

When you save this information, Family Search has a hint feature that looks through both online resources and others’ family trees to find and alert you to possible connections.

Family Search itself has over 24 million resources online.

However, it has partnered with Ancestry and other online genealogy search engines to widen its reach, and it provides these resources at no cost, increasing the number of total resources to billions.

One hard-to-find collection that Family Search taps into is Native American records, including records of individuals on the Dawes Rolls and those of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Other Native American databases are also available, along with several articles that talk about specific research of these ancestors.

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