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When Jack is forced to cease contact with CTU, Tony and Division become suspicious and place CTU under lockdown while George Mason interrogates key staff members.Kim and Teri flee from a CTU safe house when it is attacked by hitmen working for Gaines' employers, Andre and Alexis Drazen.

Anthony "Tony" Almeida is a fictional character portrayed by Carlos Bernard on the television series 24.

However, when Mike Novick orders Chappelle to assist Jack, Tony and Michelle, they are given immunity and reinstated.

With Tony and Michelle's assistance, Jack and Sherry Palmer, the president's ex-wife, are able to get a recording implicating Peter Kingsley, the true manipulator of the day's events, and prevent a war with the Middle East.

Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) is pulling Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) into CTU in a desperate play to pull off a particularly messy mission.

Her partner, Keith Mullins (Teddy Sears), doesn’t like the idea one bit.

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