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The Brazilian lesbian population was 4.9% of females with bisexual women reaching 1.4% (for a total of 6.3%).

In 2010, a survey conducted by Rio de Janeiro State University and University of Campinas revealed that by age of 18, 95% of homosexual youth in Brazil had already revealed their homosexuality, with many acknowledging it by the time they were 16.

Consequently, on May 14, 2013, The Justice's National Council of Brazil legalized same-sex marriage in the entire country in a 14-1 vote by issuing a ruling that orders all civil registers of the country to perform same-sex marriages and convert any existing civil unions into marriages if the couples so desire.

Joaquim Barbosa, then president of the Council of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court, said in the decision that notaries cannot continue to refuse to "perform a civil wedding or the conversion of a stable civil union into a marriage between persons of the same sex." In 2009, a survey conducted in 10 Brazilian cities found that 7.8% of men identified as gay with bisexual males accounting for another 2.6% of the total population (for a total of 10.4%).

All sexual acts are disallowed between members of the forces be it heterosexual or homosexual.

The Constitution of Brazil prohibits any form of discrimination in the country.

The States of Brazil are prohibited to create discriminatory laws according to the national constitution.

This has contributed to the enactment of same-sex adoption, civil unions, gender change, and others, whereas the anti-discrimination laws are encouraged according to the Brazilian Constitution, in constitutions of State and in City laws.

Some of them provide specific sanctions and penalties for those who engage in discrimination.

In the case of further incidents, the offender will face the permanent seizure of his operating license. Santa Catarina's bold step into social equality was met with enthusiasm by same-sex activists in Santa Catarina ("Hooray!

", read the title of Glssite's newsletter commemorating the law's signing) who worked long and hard to get it passed.

Currently, 60% of Brazilians consider homosexuality as "natural." In 2009, a survey conducted by University of São Paulo in ten capitals of Brazil, showed that the Brazilian gay male population was of 7.8% of Brazilian males and bisexual male population was of 2.6% (total of 10.4% of the total male population).

The lesbian population was of 4.9% of females and the bisexual women another 1.4% (total of 6.3% of the female population).

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