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Not only does Daredevil’s hearing allow him to be constantly aware of his own heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, physical movements, etc, but he is also able to hear and sense the same attributes in other people.One of the primary ways he does this is by hearing the reverberations made by ambient sounds on objects and people, giving him a sonar-like sense of where things are, and how dense they are.Over the years, he has fought many super-criminals, including Mister Fear, Stilt-Man, Gladiator, Purple Man and Jester (Jonathan Powers), as well as crime lords such as the Kingpin and the Owl.He has loved and fought alongside both the Black Widow and Elektra.He is capable of detecting and identifying any electromagnetic radiation on the standard scale; from radio waves, (which he can only detect, not understand the message) all the way to gamma waves, and everything in between.He is also able to judge the strength of a given radiation and even differentiate between individual colors by the amount of radiation they give off.

His sense of touch is sensitive enough to detect the faint impressions of ink on paper, allowing him to read by touch.

And while he is able to block out a good amount of background noise, he can also be excessively disoriented by unexpected loud noises and can be confused when immersed in the wash of sound from a busy crowd.

Along with the enhancement of Daredevil’s normal senses, he has gained another sense which he calls his Radar Sense.

It is a versatile, multi-purpose weapon, stronger than any fist.

It contains thirty feet of aircraft control cable, which is connected to a case-hardened steel grapnel.

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