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Getting an authentic, fun and safe date these days is a challenge.This remains the case in megacities like Jakarta, despite the fact that there are several new matchmaking sites online today, worldwide.Yang says if a woman chooses to do that, men have to purchase the balloons with in-app credits to be eligible to join the gathering.This is a key way that Gather aims to monetize its product.The app will then compile this data in a cloud to determine the frequency with which you turned up in other users’ proximity.Yang says that the first generation of location-based mobile dating apps, like Tinder, did not prove enough to “facilitate genuine connections.” He explains, “They are simply not special enough to break the ice with what is a fairly random stranger.

With users trying to find “online love at first swipe”, the business model proves inefficient in terms of creating actual dates between real matches (Tinder is basically just a hook-up app for strangers — although this has its place in society, too).The app facilitates meeting people that you have actually crossed paths with in the real world – places where you normally work, hang out, commute, have coffee or shop for groceries.Offering an edge for the app over the competitors is the feature that Yang calls .The app enables women (yes, only female users are able to create gatherings) to host or organize social meet ups, which can be lunch, coffee, drinks or after-hours hangout sessions.Hosts are able to let nearby users apply so they can join the group outings, and the female hosts maintain control of who gets to show up and who is not allowed.

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