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But 45-year-old Lakshmi sells sex, courting customers on the streets of Bangalore, India.At night, she goes home to her husband and children.A little over year ago I met the woman of my dreams.She was a petite little blond thing, about 100 pounds and maybe 5ft and a 3 or 4, with really sweet, firm, “B” cup breasts and small but, a nice round firm ass.For example, about 97 per cent of sex workers in Bangalore own cellphones.Socio-economic change in India is often stymied by bad infrastructure, so this high cellphone usage among sex workers has created an unusual opportunity: the ability to contact these women – who are at high risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – while respecting their need for secrecy.“We have taken action by registering a FIR (First Incident Report). Police is working …though silently (sic)." His post seemed to signal a change attitude as Commissioner Sood initially suggested that journalists were concocting or exaggerating the story.

Excess body fat reduces the amount of bile salts, which leads to an excess of cholesterol in the gallbladder that, in turn, can cause gallstones to form.

“Sex workers maintain such secret identities for decades,” says Nithya Sambasivan at the University of California, Irvine.

The explosion of cellphones in India has made it easier for social workers to contact women like Lakshmi, who has a work phone on which men call her.

Local newspaper, the described it as a "brazen, mass molestation of women".

There was further uproar when the state's home minister, G Parameshwara, told a TV channel that such incidents “do happen” but blamed women for dressing like westerners.

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    The administration is holding a fundraiser for the community!