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The Blessing of Moses, which some textual scholars attribute to a period just before the deuteronomist, speaks about Levi via an allegorical comparison to Moses himself, which hagaddah take to support the characterisation of Levi (and his progeny) as being by far the greatest of his brothers in respect to piety.

The apocryphal Prayer of Asenath, which textual scholars believe dates from some time after the first century AD (scholarship in regards to the dating is currently quite contentious, with dates ranging from near the first century, to the fourth or fifth centuries), describes Levi as a prophet and saint, able to forecast the future, understand heavenly writings (astrology? ), and someone who admonishes the people to be forgiving, as well as in awe of God.

Lēwî) was, according to the Book of Genesis, the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi (the Levites).

Certain religious and political functions were reserved for the Levites.

He died on August 15, 1821 Daniel Holmes (1792-1851), the eldest son of Sarah Hendrickson and John S.

Holmes, was, like his father, a merchant in Middletown, New Jersey.

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The collection includes: diary of Jonathan Holmes, 1836/37-1738; manuscript copy of a declaration of "the Deputies of the Shrewsbury Association" as submitted to "the County Committee for Monmouth," May 15, 1775; muster rolls, court martial records, and other military documents from the Revolution and Early National period; Monmouth County sheriff's records, 1787-1831, retained by Daniel Hendrickson and Daniel Holmes; documents from the Monmouth County Court of Common Pleas and the New Jersey Supreme Court, 1787-1831, retained by Hendrickson and Holmes; voting statistics for 1802 Congressional election in Monmouth County; undated return for a county election in Monmouth; letters and documents relating to horse breeding and racing in New Jersey, 1770-1843; documents relating to Middletown Academy, 1793-1808.

He entered into partnership with his father in the firm John S.

Holmes & Son and later was partners with Holmes Van Mater (b. Daniel Holmes was postmaster at Tinton Falls, and sheriff of Monmouth County from 1828-1831. 1797), Daniel Holmes maternal grandfather, was the son of Mary Longstreet (b.

Jonathan Holmes son, also named Jonathan Holmes (1682-1766), settled on his fathers Monmouth County land and married first Deliverance Ashton and later Rebecca Throckmorton (d. John Holmes (1730-1804), the third son of Jonathan Holmes (1682-1766) was born on July 27, 1730 to Rebecca Throckmorton Holmes, and was sometimes referred to as John Holmes minor or John Holmes Jr.

As an adult, he was a yeoman; an overseer of the poor for Monmouth County (1773); a Monmouth County delegate to the 1775 Provincial Congress; a member of the Congress second session; and a deputy for Monmouth County (1776).

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