Alexander skarsgard dating lucy griffiths

The devastatingly handsome actor was spotted arriving at LAX today with his new co-star, Lucy Griffiths, who plays his Vampire sister Nora on the HBO series this season! They certainly LOOK good together - ON and OFF the show! Are these two enjoying some vampire loving or are they just friends?? Well now, it appears that Tags: alexander skarsgard, casting, godric, lucy griffiths, maker, robin hood, true blood, vampire authority, viking vampire eric isn't as impressed.

Tags: alexander skarsgard, anna paquin, carrie preston, charlain harris, exclusive, exclusives, jamie gray hyder, jessica clark, joe manganiello, kelley overton, los angeles premiere, lucy griffiths, michael mcmillian, red carpet, rutina wesley, ryan kwanten, season 6, stephen moyer, tv news in real life, perhaps the same could happen for our delicious Viking Vampire Eric, otherwise known as Alexander Skarsgard! We definitely could see something going on between these two! because we want to sink our teeth into producers were looking for an actress to portray a beautiful vampire named Nora, who will work as a double agent within the Vampire Authority, and also is related to Viking Vampire Eric through their mutual maker, Godric!

She teams up with Constantine to fight the demons who have targeted her and learn more about her late father.

Angélica Celaya was later announced to fill the role.

Nora is not a character in the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the books the TV series is based on) but she has been described as "intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar" according to TV Line.

During November 2011 Griffiths also appeared on stage at the Finborough Theatre, London, in the play Atman by Iain Finlay Macleod.

She also admires performances of Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Saunders.

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Griffiths has said that her character "has been written as an intelligent, witty, biting character, and that's how I expected her to be." Griffiths returned as Marian in the second series of Robin Hood in 2007, but her character was killed off in the final episode.Did they tell you anything about the character at all?GRIFFITHS: The first I knew of the character was in the auditioning sides that I had.You don’t get told before the series starts what your character arc is going to be, so it’s always a surprise.I guess it’s good to start off not knowing anything ‘cause that’s how it continues.

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