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Virnstein; Rollins College; seafood farming; stone crabs; Tampa; Tampa Bay; Tampa Electric Company; thermal pollution; Titusville; Tom Twitty; UF; UM; University of Florida; University of Miami; University of West Florida; UWF; Violet N. Tags: activism; African Americans; anti-war movement; Antonio Rafael de la Cova; Black Freedom Movement; Black Student Union; C. Geological Survey; UF; United States Department of Agriculture; University of Florida; USDA; Vincent D. Hill; Sanford Credit Associations; Standard Auto Company; The Winter Park Herald; Union State Bank; W. Prest, Jr.; mariculture; marine algae; Marty Roessler; Nicholas De George; nuclear power plants; Orlando Utilities Commission; oysters; Robert W. Bolch; water management; Winter Park This podcast features an interview with Jessica Clawson, a graduate student at the University of Florida, about her article "Administrative Recalcitrance and Government Intervention: Desegregation at the University of Florida, 1962-1972," which… This edition features articles on topics such as the inspection of Maitland… The interview was conducted by Tyler Campbell in the conference room at the Center for Humanities and Digital Research (CHDR) at the University of…

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Cook; Westinghouse Electric Company; White Way Motor Company; Winter Park; Woodward A newspaper article discussing various scientific studies presented to Florida Academy of Sciences at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Coudert; Maitland; orange county; orlando; poultry; poultry industry; R. Wheeler; railroad; Rollins College; Sanford; school; Seminole War; Silver Springs; St. Johns River; State Highway Number 3; Winter Park; YMCA; Young Men's Christian Association An article, titled "Ye Town of Maitland," published in The Florida Grower, a magazine in publication since 1907.

Waterhouse; children; church; construction; Cox and Bryson; E.

Ellison Adams; farming; Florida Real Estate Commission; flowers; Foster R.

Coudert; Maitland; Maitland Chamber of Commerce; Maitland Electric Shop; Maitland Lumber Company; Maitland Plumbing Company; Maitland Realty Company; Maitland Realty Company, Inc.; Mcpherson; Miami; motor vehicles; Nelson; Oakland; orange county; oranges; orlando; Park Avenue; Parker; pavement; paving; Putnam Lumber Company; R. (1843-1918), who is credited with naming Oviedo, Florida. Tags: Abraham Lincoln; Alice Kathryn Aulin Bunch; American flags; Anderson; Andrew Aulin III; Andrew Aulin, Jr.; Andrew Aulin, Sr.; Andrew Schott Reagan; Andy Aulin; art; artists; Aulin Avenue; Aulin's Landing; awards; B. Wheeler; baccalaureate services; Baptists; Bayton; Benjamin Franklin Wheeler; Bettye Jean Aulin Reagan; Bettye Reagan; bicycles; bike riding; bikes; Black Beauty; Bob Ward; book reports; books; bovines; busing; camping; canines; car accidents; cattle; chapels; Charles Warren Aulin; Charlie Mc Culley; Charlotte Lee Lawton; church; churches; clothes; clothing; Coat of Many Colors; coats; cops and robbers; cows; cycling; Daniel Lee Mc Gill; Daniel Lee Reagan; Debbie Lynn Reagan; desegregation; discipline; doctors; dogs; Don Reagan; Donald Thomas Reagan; dressmakers; dressmaking; drugstores; Easter; education; educators; Emma Leonora Lawton Aulin; First Baptist Church of Oviedo; flags; Florida State Bank; forts; Frankie D. Patton; water quality A weekly report of the Lake Apopka Technical Committee, chaired by C.

Born January 27, 1934, Reagan is the granddaughter of Andrew Aulin, Sr. Pickett; pesticides; Robert Elrod; Robert O' Brien; Rollins College; Sanford Padgett; UF; University of Florida; Vincent D. The committee was an initiative by Governor Florida Governor Claude R. (1926-2011) to investigate pollution and possible restoration of Lake Apopka,… Sinclair; Bill Woods; Bob Blackburn; Bureau of Sports Fisheries; C.

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