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(February 1999) Accidents along the Trail - shootings, drownings, and other occurrences on the Overland Trail (November 2006) Adams County's Michigan Colony (February 2008) Advice to the Legislature Agricultural Prospects - letters to the Nebraska Farmer, 1859 (February 2006) Agricultural Trains - Burlington's Purebred Dairy Sires Special, 1924, and Profitable Pork Special, 1929 - in railroad cars (February 2000) Airmail - to and from Omaha, 1920 (March 1997) Airplanes in 1919 - The J. Stewart Motor Company of Omaha was one of the first airplane dealers in the Midwest. (January 2011) Alternative Crops (September 2003) Alternative Fuels (August 1999) An 1897 Election Romance - A political race for the Burt County school superintendent's job culminated in the marriage of a Republican officeholder-elect and his Populist opponent. (January 2005) Anthony, Susan B., in Grand Island - Othman Abbott and his wife work for 1882 suffrage amendment (February 2003) Anti-smoking Law of 1905 (January 2006) April Fools in Omaha in 1886 - An Omaha barber, the victim of a supposed robbery, was among those fooled by pranksters on April 1.(March 2011) April Fool's Lie - This 1885 spoof from the Omaha Daily Bee depicted a giant river serpent's death at Omaha.

(January 2009) Alexander, Hartley Burr - poet, philosopher, anthropologist (January 1998) Almanacs and Weather Forecasts - A. Bixby of the Nebraska State Journal satirized the weather predictions in an 1899 almanac published by the Rev. (April 2010) Arbor Day (April 2001) Arbor Day at Crete, 1896 (April 2004) Arbor Day Origins (April 1998) Arboreal Bureau - J. Darwin Mc Ilrath circled the world on bicycles, crossing Nebraska in 1895 from east to west on the first leg of their journey.

Bobbitt's reminiscences in 1922 A Bogus Detective Agency - The "resistless charm" of playing detective made some Omahans the victims of fraud in 1887. - unofficial press historian of Nebraska (July 2007) Brainerd and Furnas at the Fair - Henry Allen Brainerd and Robert W.

(August 2011) Bookwalter, a Model Farm Community - in Pawnee County, 1891 (December 2007) Bootleggers' Carnival - Although both Iowa and Nebraska had statewide prohibition by May 1917 the manufacture and sale of liquor went on, providing a challenge to law enforcement. Furnas viewed a champion hog at the Nebraska State Fair, ca. (August 2009) Brandy Substitutes - The Anti-Saloon League offered alternatives to alcohol in 1907.

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- leader in woman suffrage, temperance movements (February 1997) Bixby on Football - columnist defends football, 1901 (September 1997) Black Ghost - The specter of a veiled woman in black haunted Alma in 1902.(October 2008) Blizzard of 1888 (January 1947) Blizzard of 1888 (January 2001) Blizzard of 1888 - by Frank Carney (January 2002) Blizzards (February 1999) Blue Rivers - Nebraska City News's praise of Blue River region in 1862 (September 2005) A Blustery Thanksgiving in Valentine - In 1896 editor Robert Good of The Valentine Democrat found his Thanksgiving plans constrained by the weather.(November 2012) Bly, Nellie - her visit to Nebraska in 1895 (April 1997) Bobbitt and the Grange - Theodore N.(August 2010) Beating the Heat in the 1930s - Ruth Godfrey Donovan's reminiscences of how Lincolnites coped with sizzling temperatures.(July 2009) Beautifying the Farm Beauty and the Beast - A Young Willa Cather was part of the cast of Beauty and the Beast, presented February 4, 1888, in Red Cloud.

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