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Listen, if you sent a letter to a judge asking for leniency for an admitted child molester with the mistaken belief your letter would go unnoticed by anyone other than the judge and you later find out from the prosecutor that, oops, the letter you sent is public information and the fact you wrote such a letter is going to be known by the general public--you’re going to feel a lot of emotions.

Those of us who live in Platte County but not within the city limits of Kansas City are simply spectators in this election.

Hopefully politics will not come into play in any decision.

****** What is clear is that some folks had their feelings hurt and may have “felt” intimidated.

As stated here previously, I’m on board with this proposal.

I came on board when it was made clear no tax dollars will be involved--the only time you’ll pay for this is when you buy your airline tickets.

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