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The different flavours of Patbingsoo at Seorae are named after places in Seoul, with the signature being Apgujeong Bingsoo (.90), designed perfectly for cheese fanatics.

Apgujeong Bingsoo consists of cheese, cheese sauce, cheese cake, cheese wafer and vanilla ice cream.

Galmaegisal is found between the ribs and the belly of the pig and is a unique cut that forms only 250 grams of every full grown pig.

Using Seorae’s special “circle grilling” technique, the Galmaegisal, marinated in a delicious blend of Korean spices for two days, with at least an half hour’s massage, is grilled to perfection, full of rich flavours, tender and juicy.

Amp up the flavour of the Galmaegisal using the well-known Korean dipping style into onion and spicy sauces, accompanied with silky folds of egg and fragrant garlic.

Who can resist the multiple sensory pleasures of Korean BBQ – the spicy, salty flavours and the combination of textures and temperatures, not to mention the hands-on fun of going through a pile of lettuce leaves, wrapping your own individual “lettuce wrap” and popping them into your mouth?

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We were first served their appetizers and we really liked the spicy tofu, kimchi, the sweetness that came from their potato, as well as, their beansprouts which has a spicy-sourish taste, very appetizing indeed.

Next, the egg mixture was poured onto our BBQ plate.

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