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A life with an awesome group of friends, a rock solid inner confidence, and a sense of purpose beyond your wildest imagination. Breakups have always been the hardest things I’ve gone through, and in the past they led me to months of depression, gaming 16 hours a day, and even getting to the point where I would wrote a suicide note. It’s easy to sit here reading this story and make a decision to have the best year of your life. And I get it, I’ve been there more times than I can count. You want to make new friends, friends who inspire you to be your best, but you can’t stop watching gaming streams. You want to have a great relationship with a partner, but you want to play just one more game of League of Legends. You want to experience less anxiety in your life, but you can’t seem to meditate for 10 minutes. Now those are all cool, and I’m proud of myself for accomplishing them, but you know what makes me feel truly alive?

You don’t really know to get there, but you know you badly want to. So naturally when this breakup happened I was pretty concerned. Was I about to relapse after years of being game-free? So you feel good about yourself for a minute, you go about your day, and then it’s time to hit the gym. I’ll go tomorrow.” And this same mentality affects every area of your life. After so many years of being depressed and lonely, I’m happy.

There are so many highlights but a few of them for me were: But all of this came from the same decision: to have the best year of my life. Every time I’ve had the courage to be vulnerable and open up.

Officer Derek Tripp bobs his head from side to side using exaggerated, sometimes awkward motions, "Just getting used to something tugging on your head," he says. The same body camera Charlotte police are in the process of buying.

How they’re used will determine how effective they will be at building that trust.

In this two part series we’re examining the use of police body cameras and questions about privacy, access and transparency.

” It wasn’t always easy, it never is, but it’s POSSIBLE. I don’t care about “easy”, I care about POSSIBILITY. During the session (either with myself or someone from my team) will discuss your goals for the next year, and what you believe is holding you back.

We will share strategies to help you breakthrough your roadblocks, and start creating an EPIC life. If you’re interested and you’re the right fit, we can discuss our coaching programs with you, however this strategy session is not a sales call. Once you submit your application, if accepted, either myself or someone from our team will get in touch with you to setup a time for our session.

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