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Get an exclusive look at the new Baby Phat footwear line and their predictions for music’s “next big thing”!Fresh talent like ELECTRIK RED, KRISTINIA DEBARGE, PRISCILLA RENEADONDRIA made the cut.I'm a Democrat because Jimmy Carter knew how important human rights were to foreign policy. I'm a Democrat because LBJ ended legal segregation in America. I'm a Democrat because we understand how to balance budgets.At the Federal level, Democrats were responsible for the largest surplus in American history. My Dad who explained to me at a young age that Republicans favored the wealthy, and Democrats stood up for everybody else. After Bishoftu town’s administration approved anew master plan last year, many investors are now investing in the town, which is known for its eight unique lakes.

I'm a Democrat because the Democrats stand with them.

At the state level, we understand that roads, hospitals, and transit come with a cost, and we're still willing to pay that cost. My Grandmother who fought the good fight on women's rights her whole life, and my Grandfather who threatened to kick me out of the family when I turned 18 if I voted for a Republican for president (I think he was kidding, but I'm not sure.

I'm a Democrat because Bill Clinton actually caught terrorists.

Political rhetoric against Democrats may become even more malevolent during the next two years.

We need to listen to our own hearts and state our case with eloquence, passion, diversity and truth about why we are Democrats. Democrats have an attention span that can handle philosophical discussions.

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