Zune not updating

Long before the release of the Zune I wrote an open letter to Microsoft explaining what I felt they had to do if they wanted the Zune to seriously compete with the i Pod.The seamless and simple way the i Pod/ i Tunes combination works for newbies is one of the reasons why the i Pod has dominated the media player arena.My initial install problems with one of the Zunes in my household were, shall we say, time consuming.

Since that never worked for me it really is not a lost feature.In my letter to MS I made it clear that the simple plug and play experience for newbies was going to determine if the Zune could make a serious run against Apple.My own experience with two different Zunes was far from "plug and play" and I thought on this last day of the year I should give an update with my Zune story.Playing a hunch I ran the reset tool, and as far as I can tell at the moment, all my music is now being read correctly.I am using Zune software and I was unable to update it. I have tried to find the solution for it but failed.

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