Yoona dating

It is just a rumor but Lee Dong hae and Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation, are dating.

They wear paired rings or paired bracelets, and they took pictures of those paired items and posted them online.

Donghae is really chill guy and he wants to live life full of fun.

Due to busy and tough schedules sometime the relationship doesn’t last for long.

Also, his ideal love must have long hair, fair skin and big eyes, and she must be shorter than he is. In addition, she must take much care of him, must kiss when he wakes up, and must know how to cook seaweed soup for him.

There is no detail given anytime by the singer and actor regarding his girlfriend.

He calls it his personal matter and ask media to stay away from his personal life.

And after that, the two met each other in music shows, as well as variety shows, we could conclude, their sympathy for each other is increasing with time.

: Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are both popular stars in Korea, as well as Internationally, and both their appearances can solely say that they match perfectly 10/10.

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