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The W3C has a specificationfor date time formats which has resulted in the sublime XMLGregorian Calendar java class.

While Groovy provides some convenience mechanisms to work with Java types such as Date, an it's relatively easy to use format specifiers to produce compatible date Time formats, I prefer the brute force code approach.

System Output Interceptor..output String = ''// a simple closure to add the iterator to the string; returning false diverts the output from system.outdef interceptor = new System Output Interceptor()interceptor.start() // ..some Groovy code that generates output interceptor.stop()print output String Dynamic Data Services in Avoka Transact require data ina specific format that can be a little tricky to format.

It uses an array around Json objects to parse and fill repeating groups of output fields in the form.

Reading xml with the dom parser in java is a lot of work, hard to read and very inflexible.

That format looks like this: But that can be a real pain to get right if you're trying to do it using string concatenationand placeolders, error prone at best.

This example produces a Json object using a Json Builder with a Closure.

Isn’t the XML suppose to be the simplest form of data communication?

If yes, then why by introducing the CDATA tag in XML we are making it more complex?

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