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Now Hart-Dyke is at it again in the most orchid-rich and politically unstable part of Papua New Guinea.NOVA investigates an all- consuming passion that for some people is more precious than life itself, on Orchid Hunter, airing Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 8 PM ET on PBS (check local listings).The online dating service boasts more relationships and more marriages than any other site.For those looking to be put through their dating paces, Match Affinity has award winning psychologist Dr Cecilia d’Felice and her experts at the ready with relationship advice available via coaching videos and articles.Romance is most certainly alive and well on this broad range of sites.Match You may have melted at the television advert where a young couple duet across a train platform but far from the fantasy, Match is helping hundreds of thousands of real people find true love.NOVA accompanies Hart-Dyke on his quest, which he well knows has a tradition of gruesome outcomes.

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Where no two love birds are the same, you can also grab personalised tips and advice that will have you flying off into the sunset in no time.

My Single Friend She helped you find your home but now property developer and TV presenter Sarah Beeny will help you in your quest for a significant other.

Fungi supply both nutrients for the growing orchid and food for the seed, allowing the plants to survive in habitats with poor or even no soils.

This close relationship to insects and fungi makes orchids vulnerable to extinction, which is why Hart-Dykes first order of business on arriving in Papua is to hire a local forester with a permit to collect orchids.

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