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Life & Style had a detailed story, claiming that Harington had cooked Rose a candlelit dinner and proposed, and she cried and said yes.

They even went into details about what their wedding would be like. Harington’s representative later debunked the whole thing.

But their real-life relationship has been plagued with cheating rumors, claiming that the actor dumped her over co-star, Emilia Clarke.

Although the character of Leslie has been killed in the hit drama series, she has squeezed her time to be with her beau.

The dominant colors are usually pastel pinks and greens and can also include red, blue, orange, yellow or gold.Others also speculated that their characters will get married.However, Hollywood Take reported that Harington and Leslie took quality time together to spend the Thanksgiving weekend.In fact, the actress was recently spotted with her boyfriend in Belfast.It was previously reported that the 29-year-old actor has been dating Emilia Clarke after the onset photos came out.

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