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The City of Helsinki is mid-way through an initiative to capture the city and create a new 3D city model that is scheduled to be completed in 2017.Helsinki has a long tradition of 3D city modeling, dating back to the 1980s.Helsinki wanted to update its current 3D city model with new, innovative applications that could provide entire city modeling capabilities in order to improve its internal services, promote smart city development, and share data through an open format for citizens and other agencies.Helsinki also wanted to create a pilot portfolio to showcase the power of reality modeling in coordination with local universities to generate interest in academic organizations.Make as many scenarios as you need and add modifications. Watch the Video: Singapore-Urban Redevelopment Authority See where a proposed building blocks the view, casts shadows, and reflects heat.By making the virtual 3D visualization as real as possible in the design phase, you will avoid costly mistakes in the building phase.It also used Pointools to pre-process laser scanning data, Bentley Descartes to integrate oblique, raster files, and orthophotographic images into its infrastructure workflows, and Bentley Navigator for clash detection and design reviews.

Usually to develop such apps from scratch you need to spend thousands.

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External agencies requesting the 3D city model included 3D Plus and 3D GPC – a flagship, low-carbon program that looks at the benefits of 3D modeling as opposed to other methods.

Helsinki is also sharing this data with the Technical University of Munich as part of its Solar Energy Potential program.

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