World of warcraft beta updating setup files

The most common errors posted on the PTR forum are caused by people not following the bolded instructions. Copying a character to the PTR is no longer a necessity to log into the PTR client, though it is recommended.In order to do useful testing on the Public Test Realm, QA has given us the ability to copy our own characters or to potentially use premade max-level and well-equipped characters to test on the PTR so we don't have to begin a level 1 character and level it instead of testing.After that, you simply wait for it to finish the download, and play from there just by swtiching which account you are using.Updating the PTR is now done automatically by the launcher, you no longer even have to push a button, if you've installed the PTR before all updates will download and install for you when they are released.There tend to be issues with copying characters due to the immense demand that is placed on the servers handling the copies.If you are seeing errors, please cancel out and try again later.

Then under the REGION/ACCOUNT header Change the game account to your "PTR: [Current/next expansion]" It should be the top one.

Copying characters is a one-way operation: You will be copying your character from the real server you play on to the PTR, as it was when you last logged out.

What you do on the PTR has no effect on your real character on the live realms.

Make sure you are not playing Wo W when attempting to copy your character.

Make sure you choose a realm that fits your play style, as there are both Pv P and Pv E test realms.

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