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NACO's Canadian Angel of the Year Award is presented to an experienced Angel investor who has made a significant contribution to the development of the Canadian Angel ecosystem during the year prior to the Summit.

The award seeks to identify the Angel investor who has most contributed to the growth and development of Angel investing in Canada through a combination of investment, mentorship, and leadership within their local ecosystem.

Join over 500 investors, partners and industry leaders from around the world at the flagship event for the Global Angel investor community.

The NACO Summit is your once-a-year opportunity to get ahead of the emerging trends that will shape Angel investment next year.

Emphasis is placed on the world-wide nano/microelectronics and electronics industry, and the European market environment. Details to be announced, please check back for further details.

or email [email protected]------------Industry awareness workshop.

The award seeks to recognize the partnership between an individual Angel investor and a founder that most contributed to the growth and eventual exit of said startup through a combination of investment(s), mentorship, and leadership.

NACO's Exit of the Year Award was presented to Daiya Foods.

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Ray has worked for the company since 1994, and Kodi is a second-year engineering apprentice.

As a sponsor or partner of the Summit, your organization will have the opportunity to participate in our four-day event in a way that aligns with your business objectives.

As a Summit supporter, not only will you gain visibility with this exclusive group of business savvy and high-net-worth individuals and the companies they invest in, but you will also help support Canadian innovation, which is at the backbone of Canada's economic growth.

NACO's Most Promising International Startup of the Year was presented to Hykso (Irvine, USA) NACO's Most Promising Canadian Startup of the Year was presented to portl media.

NACO seeks to strengthen regional, national and global networks of Angel investors through events like the Summit.

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