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If you stick with me, you will see that I love variables.

In this example, Map Network Drive employs just two arguments, drive letter and UNC path.

Not only is this 'best practice', but in my case, it alerts me to typos later in the script.

Note 3: See how this script declares the variables str Drive Letter and str Remote Path, then reuses them later in the script.

Some script writers feel that the Dim statements, which declare variables, are also part of the header section.

Note 2: Option Explicit is a VBScript command which forces me to declare variables.

Note 4: I reduced this first example script to the bare minimum.

All I wanted was for you to gain success mapping a network drive.

However, to practice Map Network Drive scripts, you could create a share on your own desktop computer.

Result J: drive Set obj Network = Create Object("WScript. Map Network Drive str Drive Letter, str Remote Path WScript. Note 1: At the top of the script is a heading section.

The idea of the header is to explain what this VBScript will achieve.

There are few VBScript frills on this page, just VBScripts for you to learn how to map a network drive by copying and then amending my code.

♦ Our objective is to map the H: to a share called '\home'.

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