Will updating my iphone lock it

Bob I think Bob's point about being on Vodaphone is that the cellular carrier releases the Android updates on their own schedule and not merely by demand of the consumer.

You can always manually update it yourself with a little work on your own and research online.

The safest thing to do is to disable Siri on the lock screen.

There must be another step required to reflash the baseband and get the correct IMEI number back. " -- No but you still may have to restore before the next firmware update."Will the next firmware update lock me out from jailbreak and 3rd party apps?

" -- We have to see but...likely yes."Do I have to update my i Phone when the next firmware is released? But then you're kind of sticking your i Phone into a time warp. And I don't see there being a parallel development effort on the part of hackers.

If you reply like that you tell folk "Stay away, I'll bite."I offered 2 pieces of advice.1. Depending on the unlock or in the case of the "rooting" the answer will change.

Given you can't know which it was I have to go with these answers.

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