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The British version had subjects other than dating videos (e.g.

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The series was renewed for a thirteenth season which premiered on May 29, 2017.

4th seater: Jeff Davisspecial guests: Sheryl Underwood, Robbie Amell Jeff hurt himself too tonight! Which is a huge no no, so anyone coming please don’t. Even both guests were having fun playing with the guys. (questions about this will be deleted, sorry)I submitted a sentence for 2 Line (or Whose Line, not sure it they were bringing it back or it was a typo) and it was the only thing I have ever submitted and they didn’t even play the game….!!!

Some people in the audience were so desperate to get noticed by the cast they kept yelling out suggestions that didn’t work or make sense or just random shit whenever they could. The crew actually came to have a talk with me and my group because we were sitting nearby and they thought it was us. Other than that it was a very high energy and fun taping.

They got us out of there later than normal as well. Jonathan fell, and the thing the crew cared about was his mic.

He was fine, but he made a joke that I don’t think anyone actually heard.

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