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Fears have been raised by human rights groups that they were acting too slowly.

A statement from Human Rights Watch, Avaaz and Eu MEP said FIFA "should abide by its statutes and human rights responsibilities and instruct the Israel Football Association to stop holding games in Israeli settlements in the West Bank"."FIFA has an opportunity finally to end its sponsorship of football matches in unlawful Israeli settlements in the West Bank,” said Sari Bashi, Israel and Palestine advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.

Speaking to Cliff Central's Gareth Cliff on Thursday, Sexwale said: "There's a writing on the wall; read it ... He recalled arguments with former minister Joe Slovo regarding incremental housing policies before his appointment.

Zuma reportedly said that Sexwale should take over the portfolio because he was familiar with housing struggles.

The grumpy boss has sat in that chair for every single series in the UK, but if we lived elsewhere in the world it could be so, so different...

We're not even talking about Donald Trump, who helmed the US version of We can all agree that we'd rather have Lord Sugar as a boss than The Donald, but what about the international options?

Sexwale described the difficulties in working with other portfolios and ministers saying, "The single largest thing your government can give you free of charge is a house.

This ministry was so important, we needed the totality of government commitment and if you don't have that you're going to find problems".

The two countries remain embroiled in an ongoing conflict, with tensions extending to their respective Football Associations.

With Fifa set to elect a new leader to herald a brave new era, it remains to be seen if any of the presidential candidates running can offer the change craved so keenly by the masses beyond the corridors of their exhibitionistic Zurich home.

Each candidate will make a 15-minute long speech before the voting process begins.

Some of the casualties in President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle are not surprising, according to political analyst, Justice Malala.

Communications Minister Dina Pule is one of those who got the boot.

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