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Her soon to be husband O' Donnell was born in Boston, on November 1951.He is the son of Frances Marie, an office manager, and Lawrence Francis O' Donnell, Sr., an attorney. He was previously married to Kathryn Harrold but the relationship ended in divorce.

Later in 1986, the book turned so popular that it was adapted as a CBS movie, ‘A Case of Deadly Force’ where Lawrence clutched a seat of an associate producer.In 2001, he was an Emmy award winner for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’; and in 2006, he was nominated for the same category.In 2002, he was a supervising writer and producer for the TV drama ‘First Monday’.In 2004, he got into an intense debate with John O’Neill on Scarborough Country who is a spokesperson for ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’.The debate was over the claims O’Neill made against John Kerry who is an American Diplomat and a Democratic Party Politician.

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