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That's why "Best You Ever" is sure to get stuck in your head.It's upbeat and powerful, but idea behind this initial music video is simple."This video is really behind the scenes," Branch said."Basically, the whole thing was shot in my home studio in Nashville so it started as like a behind the scenes studio video and it developed into something more.But on “Hopeless Romantic,” Branch sounds ready to reemerge as a powerful pop artist with songs engineered to get stuck (and stay stuck) in your head.9 albums dropping in April you'd be foolish to not check out Branch talked with the Daily News ahead of the album’s release about starting over with a clean slate, falling in love with her producer, The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, and finding new meaning in her old songs.] While the divorce proceedings have only just begun, the 31-year-old singer has already been dating bassist Chris Null for a while now…So we guess Teddy just wasn't While many celebrities use Twitter to promote their latest projects or to keep in touch with fans, some celebrities, like Chris Brown, use the social media site to stir up drama!

"And I started dating and this album really follows the arc of leaving a relationship that was really substantial in my life to looking for love and ultimately finding it." Here, she's talking about Patrick Carney, drummer for The Black Keys and who helped produce "It was kind of my, for lack of better comparisons, it was kind of my “are you happy now? "It’s definitely a breakup song and I think there’s often times when you break up with people when you want to be like 'You’re gonna regret this. You’re gonna miss me some day.'"It's a pretty relatable feeling, and one that's definitely fun to sing.

Michelle Branch will release “Hopeless Romantic” on Friday, her first solo album in 14 years.

It’s been a long journey from her last record to now, fraught with label drama, her divorce and two albums that never saw the light of day.

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" Are you surprised to see Michelle Branch at the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Nonetheless, the singer was one of the invited guests and walked the red carpet in a dark blue, belted strapless gown.

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