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In the original script, the counsellor Mrs Gale (Patricia Gaul) is male - Mr Gale.The original script (scene 128) provides a brief desciption of how John Hughes originally invisioned Amanda's best friend Shayne: "the tall, elegant black girl". Therefore, details such as "Lea Thompson later married director Howard Deutch", or "Chynna Phillips was in the group Wilson Phillips" we don't consider to be relevant.

No waitress is featured in the movie, only waiters (which incidentally aren't credited).This led some to speculate that this version may have been intended for the movie, but for whatever reason was rejected by John Hughes.It would appear that the cast members were asked to return to re-shoot a section of the party scene, either after production had finished, or very late into the production.Molly Ringwald was originally offered the role of Amanda Jones but refused it.Kim Delaney was originally cast as Amanda Jones, but was subsequently fired (along with Kyle Mac Lachlan and then director Martha Coolidge) when Howard Deutch became director.

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