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In an interview with the , Mayer explained: "She was given the choice of joining the varsity team...[and] sit on the bench for the year, or junior varsity, where she would start every game. The next year she came back as a senior, made varsity again and was a starter.The rest of the players who had been on junior varsity were benched for their entire senior year.We went through a bunch of recent news stories and Nicholas Carlson's book — "Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!" — to put together the story of Mayer's epic rise to become one of the biggest Silicon Valley power players and her sudden fall.

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Her father was an environmental engineer who worked for water-treatment plants and her mother was an art teacher and stay-at-home mom who decorated their Wausau home with Marimekko prints -- a Finnish company known for its brightly colored designs against a clean white background.

A graduate student in a long-distance relationship, she recalls "pathetically eating a bad bowl of pasta in my dorm room by myself on a Friday night" when a recruiting email arrived from a tiny search engine company.

"I remember I’d told myself, ' New emails from recruiters — just hit delete.'" But she didn't because she'd heard about the company from one of her professors and her own graduate studies focused on the same areas the company wanted to explore.

Realizing that a better gender balance would make for a stronger company, Google was eager for her to join the team but Mayer didn't immediately accept.

Over spring break, she analyzed the most successful choices she'd made in her life to see what they had in common.

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