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)—it’s followed by a short hidden track called “My best friend is you.” I’ve never met Nash—but listening to her tunes, I feel we’d have a lot in common. We both hate seagulls, love cream tea—and are trying to find our way (with wit and humor!

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I mean, it’s not like LILY ALLEN’s sophomore album was very good, right? She might be young, and filled with silly rhymes—but she’s absolutely real. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Consider the opening track, “Paris.” “You’ve come so far; well done, darling,” croons Nash, in that signature cockney accent.As part of the London Literature festival, this all-gal event is the launch for Laura Dockrill's second book, 'Ugly Shy Girls'.Featuring likeably funny and feisty, enormously successful indie singer-songwriter Nash, who favours the street smarts and London patois of Lily Allen, and her own fave girl duo, Peggy Sue, who play cheeky, occasionally smutty, ramshackle but soulful acoustic fare.”/ so we sit in the garden/ and touch the grass with our hands.” “Do-wah-doo” is an album highlight, with lush, ‘60s style vocals and full brass—while “I just love you more” showcases the songstress’s wild side—with drawn-out, breath-y vocals, yelps and oozing sex appeal.(Perhaps a glimpse into her love life with The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman?

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