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Song is one of the five Asian contestants in Big Brother US history and one of six female winners to date.She is the only Asian contestant to ever win Big Brother US.Just six months later, on December 21, 2010, the couple married in New York City. Song gave birth to her first child, Noah, on March 21, 2012.People think I'm rich but I haven’t worked for three years so not a lot is left. Davy works intensely hard to support me and Noah, but it is hard living off one wage.Her disappearance from the house played a part in the Veto competition, which was held before nominations for a second time that season, as the houseguests had to guess where Song was.

By the end of their trip their talks were so passionate that Goethals ended his relationship and began dating Song.Song's votes came from Dana Varela, Justin Giovinco, Jack Owens, Erika Landin, Robert Roman, and her ex-boyfriend Jee Choe.Post-Big Brother, Song appeared in an episode of the CBS sitcom Yes, Dear as herself in a special Big Brother themed episode.Landin then automatically became the replacement nominee and, as DPOV holder, Irwin cast the sole eviction vote that week and evicted Landin.In week 10, Song competed against Roman in the second part of the final HOH competition and won, advancing to the third part of the competition in which she faced off against Irwin.

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