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While most figure that Cena is returning to the WWE to either try to win the world title from AJ Styles or start a feud with The Undertaker, one has to think Cena will have to answer that burn from Natalya when he returns. The Miz had just won a match and Renee Young went into the ring to interview him about his feud with Dean Ambrose.When she said that The Miz seems obsessed with Dean Ambrose, The Miz responded that Renee Young is the one obsessed because she is the one sleeping with Dean Ambrose.Nikki and Brie Bella were both Divas in the WWE at that time and worked mostly as a tag team, cheating their way to victory due to the fact they were twins and could switch in and out without the referee knowing the difference.Brie Bella was actually the first to hold the Divas title, winning it in 2011 and holding it for 70 days.After two months, their divorce was finalized and all the matters regarding their divorce have been settled and solved amicably.According to numerous resources it is alleged that John offered Elizabeth a pecuniary financial settlement and Elizabeth refused his offer by claiming that he is trying to recover the relationship. , he just dated with him for some time and then this couple had a breakup.Natalya jumped Nikki before the this week, Natalya finally admitted she was the one who jumped Nikki Bella.When asked why, Natalya said she was tired of being passed over through the years and then said that her own cat has more personality than Nikki Bella, which is why John Cena will never marry her.

Afterward John Cena filed for the divorce in Florida mentioning “irretrievably broken”.

Their relationship started when both stars met on the WWE reality show.

Nikki proposed him and also showed her interest in raising a family.

Cena said that he was glad that Darren can be himself and that no one judges him in the company.

, there were a lot of soap opera styled dirt thrown around the ring, a strange thing for the WWE show that is built more around wrestling than around drama. The soap opera moment that surrounded John Cena came when Natalya, Carmella and Nikki Bella faced off in the ring.

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