Who is jericho rosales dating 2016

He, however, clarified that he does not support killing people who are suspected of pushing or selling drugs.

The actor stressed that extra-judicious killing should not be tolerated.

The actor said that understands the need of teens to have fun but stressed that taking drugs is not the answer.

Rosales had a piece of advice for kids: "Go to church rather than take drugs. Rosales also stated that he will support and take part in the anti-drug campaign of Philippine President-Elect Duterte, who has been known for his tough stance against illegal drugs.

A “Katok Boy” apparently goes a-knockin’ at doors to ask for financial help.

In the case of Jericho Rosales, according to the report, when he was younger and poorer, he went from one beauty parlor to another in Marikina [where he used to stay] and asked for help from the gay beauticians, who were just to glad to help the cute fledgling with some in return, of course.

“I’m really nervous,” she admitted in an interview aired in the ABS-CBN news program “TV Patrol” on Thursday.

The actor admits that he was lucky and thankful that he was able to stop in time and shake the habit due to the guidance of good friends.

He emphasized the importance of having the right guidance from peers during one's teenage years when people are prone to picks up habits like drug use.

The series is called Ellay Enchanted is the story of womanizing bandman Elloy (Jericho), who dates Mayette (Candy Pangilinan), the sister of his bandmate (DJ Durano).

When his practice is exposed, her siblings seek revenge and decide to curse him by turning him into a girl with the help of witch-cousin Madam Keller (Eugene Domingo).

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