Who is jared najjar dating

On November 7, 2012, Najjar was transferred to the Gwinnett County Sherriff’s department. According to the popular celebrity gossip site, Najjar had failed to appear in court after he neglected to maintain a storm water system at one of his homes; he’s already been charged a ,000 fine for violating an ordinance and blew off a July 5 court date.

Local Atlanta-based blog also reports that Najjar has allegedly been “avoiding several banks seeking to recover their assets.” Thirty-four-year-old Zolciak, who along with her husband Troy Biermann welcomed her second son into the world back in August, has yet to comment on Lee Najjar’s arrest.

Wendy Williams applauded Mya for being a whore in the music industry during her show on WBLS.

“Mya, who’s like a doorknob in the industry,” Williams remarked.

Supposedly Mya got pregnant and the father to be is Jared Najjar, son of Lee Najjar, who is allegedly Kim Zolciak’s boyfriend “Big Poppa” from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We hear that Lee is a billionaire Real Estate Tycoon living here in Atlanta.

I wanna see his ass.[/quote] He didnt come up on Google? lmao [quote comment="375659"][quote comment="375650"][quote comment="375638"]Well she let Jay-Z slip thru her fingers so i guess she's learned from her mistakes! [/quote] exactly @ Hotfox.it's very nasty [quote comment="375648"][quote comment="375645"][quote comment="375612"]Wow! She’s supposedly knocked up by Jared Najjar, son of Lee Najjar (Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim’s Big Poppa)The two supposedly met at a party in LA and have been dating under the radar ever since.UPDATE: Mya’s pr peoples say that the story isn’t true and that it’s her brother who is expecting his first child. I’d think Mya would jump at the chance of getting some extra attention. , has been arrested for failing to show up for a court hearing in July.Najjar, who was known only as “Big Poppa” and never shown on-camera (due to the fact that he was in a marriage the time) during episodes of , was taken into custody by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, November 6.

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