Who is dj clue dating

Its second single was "Fire" featuring Busta Rhymes, which was in the movie Mean Girls.

The song "Drop Drop" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Cradle 2 the Grave, and the video game NBA Live 2003.

", I came from a hard knock life They say this kid be rude like this can't be true I'll suck my own dick like if I had a rib removed Vampire, sun go down, I'm still wilding Bullets travel through the air in the night like Phil Collins Rock City baby, knife through your throat 'til you're broke Rise from the underground like sewer smoke It's all shifty, I got all of my dogs with me And they all rich, and still all of their palms itchy We'll pump, rumble over birds jungle urge Walking like we talking drunk while we stumble over words Clue, Duro, Slim, Meth, Five, Nine, hold up, breath [Method Man] It's just, Mr.

Please believe it, we gon' represent it And we gon' bend it and dent it Fuck what it cost, we gon' spend it Buy it, never rent it Now when you suckin my dick, baby girl put yo' face in it Get it get it girl (get it girl), make yo' head swirl Get it get it (get it girl), make my toes curl And get it get it, go on girl, it's a crazy mixed up doggy dogg world [Hook] And I know that you really can't believe what ya hear and ya see Just put ya hands up and repeat after me Get yo' money, fuck a bitch..blow a gang of weed And I know that you probably never thought that you could see a true G A nigga like the D-O-double Gizzy But like I said, get yo' money, fuck a bitch, and blow a gang of weed [Kurupt] Yeah, yall the type of suckers we straight through When we skate through, with DJ Clue Hoes gobble on something, swallow on something Throwin' hollows like football passes and football practice Off that dodo, look at the shine comin' off that fo' fo' I want the ki's, the trees, the ice, and the g's What's yours is mines, but you already know though I'm young gotti desodo Let's see how long a body can flow fo' I got my Rocawear leather on, on swoop nigga You know Dame and Jigga laced me and Snoop nigga Them my motherfuckin' homeboys See Beanie's from my hometown Memphis with the full pound Tucked in Amil purse, all you bitches hatin' get a deal first It's hard work, raise off the homegirl bitches Chorus Yeah, you know how we do Big Snoop Dogg, Kurupt Young Gotti Rockin these niggas.

He was formerly signed to major record label Def Jam, but left for his personal reasons and for them pushing back his album releases.

After separating from Def Jam, he began recording and releasing solo mixtapes and albums on independent labels.

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In 2003, Budden released his debut solo studio album, Joe Budden.

You mean the one with the pretty bitches sittin in it?

[Snoop] I fall off into a party with a drink in my hand Rocawear pants, but I ain't come here to dance By any chance, has anybody seen DJ Clue? ) Big Snoop I'm in the big Coupe, I got that whoop whoop I'm tryin' to get a chicken, I got that big loot Let me slide to the hoop, regroup, and come through I'll bag it up, and serve you and you too I throw strikes like Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens Pitch a shut-out, the whole 9 innings The bulletproof 'Lac with the windows tinted?

Slaughterhouse released a mixtape titled On The House in promotion for their second album. The first official single from No Love Lost was "She Don't Put It Down" which features fellow rapper Lil Wayne and singer Tank. (Never Broke Again)" featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. By March 20, 2013, the album had sold 60,000 copies.

The group released their second studio album under Shady Records which was titled welcome to: Our House on August 28, 2012, the album debuted on the Billboard 200 at No.2 and No.1 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums selling 52,000 copies its first week. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 96 returning to the charts since his hit single "Pump It Up" back in 2003. Budden released music videos for "She Don't Put It Down", "Castles", and "N. He co-hosts a show on Complex called Everyday Struggle with DJ Akademiks and broadcaster Nadeska Alexis.

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