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"If I mention anyone by name in the book, it's because I don't have anything personal or negative to say about them and in those cases the situations I talk about are so easily Google-able that I wouldn't have been able to fool anyone anyway." So, what was so personal about this boy bander?Well, in the book, Madison reveals she went to visit him in his hotel room -- when his assistant showed up to deliver an "industrial-sized tube of K-Y Jelly" to him mid-date. One more high-profile name she drop up in the book is Russell Brand, who she was linked to back in 2009 as well."I wanted to share my most embarrassing moments, my most blissful ones and the ones that made me feel angry, embarrassed or sad." One incident that made her feel especially bashful occurred when she was dating Good Charlotte's Benji Madden back in 2009.After having public splits from both Hef and Criss Angel, Holly and the rocker decided to keep this relationship a little more private -- much to the disappointment of her "Holly's World" producers.She doesn't reveal his name, instead describing him as a "chiseled blond with blue eyes and hair pulled back into a rough ponytail." She adds that he was a "member of one of the most famous groups on the planet." Any guesses?"It was important to me to protect people's privacy, so if I had anything remotely personal to say about them, I did my best to disguise who they were or I compiled my experiences into a few composite characters," Madison tells toofab.Holly Madison is putting her drama with the Playboy Mansion behind her, shifting focus to her crazy life in Sin City in her New York Times Bestseller "The Vegas Diaries." While "Down the Rabbit Hole" focused on her controversial relationship with Hugh Hefner, as well as her bitter friendship with Kendra Wilkinson, her latest book reveals what happened after she left Hollywood for Las Vegas. A., the drama followed her to Nevada, where she once again tried to strike a balance between work and her relationships ...

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"It was definitely hard to strike a balance because, in my dating life, I wanted to have the authenticity of getting to know people off camera and I was also concerned with keeping my private life private," she explains.

“I was trying to sell this image of ‘Oh everything is so great here,’ but I was miserable inside.” Former . I could guess her reasoning: the more options Hef had, the less likely she’d be called to duty.

It seemed to me that she made it her mission to lure every new Playmate up to the bedroom to pay their dues.

In the book, she explains how one "higher-up" told her, "If this guy cares about you at all, he should have no problem being on your television show." Madison explains that she refused to talk about him during interviews, which led to a "major blowout" behind the scenes.

"One of my favorite producers even told me, through tears, that her boss threatened her with her job if she didn't get me to say his name on-camera," Holly reveals.

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