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“I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to discuss my truth.I wasn’t ready to do this then — I wasn’t even ready to think about it, let alone process it.“I tell this story to both encourage my personal path, as well as give some small measure of hope to others that no matter your beginnings, no matter the obstacles, there is nothing so fulfilling and Godlike as living the life that was destined.” “I will not live in fear or shame any longer,” he added.Jones — who is now engaged to Ricardo Lugo — and Reynolds — he is seven years Jones’s junior — married in 2004 in an elaborate ceremony, complete with controversial corporate sponsors, that included 500 guests and the bride’s arrival at the church in a horse-drawn carriage.Add the Answer Add the Answer Al was spotted purchasing a ring right before Valetine's Day 2009 which happened to be, in his own words, for his 'mother,' not Nicole. Add other Relationship Information Add a Quote Edit Relationship Information, Quotes, and Trivia "My marriage didn't make me sad, but it didn't make me happy either. And ‘speculating’ is a kind word for how it actually played out.With anger and disdain, people have been calling me out as gay, closeted, a sham and even nastier; much nastier,” Reynolds began his post.

co-host Star Jones in 2008 after four years of marriage, revealed in an interview with Radar Online published Thursday that he is “capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both.” “Ever since I have been in the public eye, people have been speculating on my sexuality.“It was clear and proscribed, black and white, angels or sinners.And people who were intimate with others of their own gender were the worst of all with no chance of redemption, or the glorious afterlife that I was taught awaited us all,” he wrote.“My relationships, all of them, have been honest and based on my attraction to the other person.When I am in love I don’t equivocate, nor do I waver.” As for why Reynolds decided to share his truth now, he shared that he did it as an act of encouragement and hope.

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