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“I think there is an anxiety underneath this that President Obama represents the rise of a multicultural elite and the rise of a non-white majority in America,” he observed, adding that “if you talk to many of these protestors in the field, one of the dates that keeps coming up is 2050, which is the date the U. census estimates that there will be a non-white majority in the United States.”A survey by the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, & Sexuality in 2010 also found that Tea Partiers were more likely to hold a wide variety of racially prejudiced opinions, while the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2013 officially reported an all-time high in the growth of white supremacist and/or militant right-wing activity following Obama’s election.

White Americans, however, are not a single ethnic group or a distinct number of ethnicities; they are an amalgamation of everyone who benefits from white privilege, and its boundaries are always shifting. On the White Pride Radio website, the group further clarifies their mission: "A lot of people recognize that there is an ongoing program of genocide against white people. White Pride ” The message is featured next to an adorable photo of a kitten and a puppy.It’s easy to forget that the KKK was once a politically powerful organization.During Reconstruction (the 12-year period immediately following the Civil War), the KKK was used by Southern whites to subjugate the recently emancipated black slaves and thus reestablish white supremacy for a century.

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