What to do about intimidating neighbours

The sample letter lower done this page can be adapted to your situation.

Where the neighbour rents their home, you can also write to their landlord.

The sample letter below covers this type of situation and our small claims service can give you legal advice and put you in touch with a mediation service. The Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003, covers issues relating to high hedges over 2m.

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Therefore there is always a balance between enforcing your rights and reaching a friendly compromise that you can both live with.Noise or nuisance law: Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 allows the Council to investigate a nuisance on your behalf.There are some situations that are unlikely to be covered, such as the sound of children playing. They should also use equipment to measure the level of noise.With extreme problems the behaviour will amount to harassment, assault or racial abuse. However with most neighbour disputes the situation is not so bad and it is almost always best to speak first before the situation gets worse.If speaking doesn’t work a friendly but clear complaint letter is often the next step.

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