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In the following image, you see a Matrix visual, with stepped layout in action.Notice the category has its subcategories (Computers Accessories, Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, and so on) slightly indented, providing a cleaner and much more condensed visual. With the Matrix visual selected, in the Format section (the paint roller icon) of the Visualizations pane, expand the Row headers section.version of the matrix visual, subcategories were shown in an entirely different column, taking up much more space in the visual.The following image shows the table in original matrix visual; notice the subcategories in a completely separate column.In addition to using those icons, you can right-click on any of those row headers, and drill down by selecting from the menu that appears.Notice there are a few options from the menu that appears, which generates different results: Selecting Drill Down expands the matrix for was right-clicked, and Drill Down was selected.There are many features associated with the matrix, and we'll go through them in the following sections of this article.Note Beginning with the July 2017 release of Power BI Desktop, matrix and table visuals reflect styling (including colors) from the applied Report Theme.

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You can Show Next Level, Expand to next level, and Include or Exclude your columns just as you can with rows.This is similar to creating a hierarchy, which then allows you to drill-down (and then back up) through that hierarchy, and analyze the data at each level.In the following image, the Rows section contains icons in the top-left corner of the visual.In addition, you can select rows, columns, and even individual cells and cross-highlight.Lastly, to make better use of layout space, the matrix visual supports a stepped layout.

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