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“When I started shooting the Equipment ads, it was a play on the selfie phenomenon and also my shyness: I didn’t have the confidence to photo- graph someone else.

The fact that I didn’t get hair and makeup and I really delved into it on my own wasn’t because I didn’t want the help—it was because I was scared shitless.” “When I started modelling I didn’t understand why everyone wanted me to look different.

Despite being a multi-millionaire many times over, Daria Werbowy is known for her casual, down-to-earth attitude and folksy demeanor, a sharp contrast to many of her fellow supermodels.

To know more about her childhood, career, profile and timeline read on the following biography.

Born in a small Eastern European city in Poland, Daria was the youngest child of a tight-knit Ukrainian family.

’ Or I would post something really daring personally and no one would like it. ’” “I do very basic things—I have a certain way that I contour my eyes; I don’t wear foundation, just a little concealer—that don’t make me feel like I’m masked.

But I completely understand why you would want to dress up.” “I really want to be truthful in my life experience and with myself.

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    Here are a few of the ways that girls are leveraging Instagram to do much more than just share photos: To Know What Friends Really Think Of Them In the spot where adults tag a photo’s location, girls will barter “likes” in exchange for other things peers desperately want: a “TBH” (or “to be honest”). If you like a girl’s photo, she’ll leave you a TBH comment.

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    I mean, I’m not really kidding, but I’m kind of kidding. But now apparently, I’m told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with True to form, Foster, 51, declined to make a public statement about her nuptials. Before she was a successful daytime television and Oscar host, De Generes was a cautionary tale.