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TIP: Before adding lots of page, get the look and feel of your home page right first, even if this takes a few days, you may save lots of time in the long run. Once you enter in your Tumblr feed name into the field and click OK, your Tumblr blog will be seamlessly integrated into your website. Color: In the Colors section you can choose a color for the Navigation, Navigation Selected as well as Hover. We have made it very easy to add meta data to your site including the title, description and keywords meta tags for each page. Make sure you are on the page you want to add the meta tags to. Click on Page Before internet users will be able to find your site using the search box, your site will first need to be indexed by the search engines. It is possible to have a text or picture link open in a new window, and we've made it easy to do so using the Link Editor. In the Text Widget, type in the text that you want people to click on (this is your link text). Highlight the link text, and then click on the Link button (it's the 10th button from the left in the Text Editing Toolbar, and looks like the link in a chain). The "Choose a Link" dialog box will open and you will be given four options. Remember to type your link like this: otherwise it won't be clickable. Once you have selected the type of link you'd like to use, you can select "Open in new window." 6. Here are the steps for setting up a picture link: 1. Your picture link will then open in a new tab or window, depending on the browser your visitor is using.The prices quoted include all you need to build and maintain your website for a whole 12 months. You will still need to make changes/additions to your blog from Tumblr, but the changes/additions you make there will transfer to your website. Click on “Edit” and then click on “Select Image.” 5. You can choose a color from the color palette or enter your own HEX Number. Type and Size: In the Font section click on “Navigation” and you can choose a font type and size. Click “Save.” You can easily add pictures side-by-side one of two ways: 1. Indexing is the process of the search engine algorithm going through each of your website pages, making a copy of the page, and adding it to its index. You will be able to choose to upload a new file from your computer or browse files you already have uploaded in your File Manager. You can upload a new file from your computer or browse existing files already added to the File Manager. If necessary edit the width, height, alignment and margin of the file. Click “Save.” If your site is showing "Untitled Site" as the Window Title in your browser, there is a way to change this. The font selection we have represents a complete list of browser safe fonts; this means that the fonts in our Font menu will work consistently in whatever browser your visitor uses.Combining digital marketing, great design and robust platforms we get you to stand out and dominate your online market.Site Maintenance: We manage the day-to-day maintenance of our customer websites.We have very flexible website maintenance packages available to suit all types and sizes of websites, so get in touch and let’s get you back on track.Our website audit services are designed to help your website deliver results.

Their SEO services had us ranking Number One against our competitors within 3 months of launch – a fantastic result.We also train our customers on how to use their new sites once they go live. They provide a hassle free professional service and deliver exactly what we are looking for – every time.Gary and his team are always at the end of the phone and we are comfortable knowing that our site is well looked after in their hands.This ranges from updating software and backend code to adding content and updating images.We also train our customers on how to use their new sites once they go live.

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