Web dating designers

This is something I looked up to and tried to model my early websites on.

I’ve always been a fan of the works of Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated.

I like detail, attention to typography and giving the content room to “breathe” and flow. My path to hopefully perfecting Web and blog design takes a lot of different inspirations.

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I get comments (which are annoying, honestly) from men that they’ve never seen a woman developer before… I’ve never had any issues with being a woman in the industry, and I feel I’ve had the same opportunities as my male counterparts.

Sometimes a designer can make one great website, and then the next project is a complete bomb, so giving up names isn’t what I do. :) Anyway, after a great project, a designer must expect some dips in the road. In design school almost every student was female, so I don’t think so.

I find that most of my clients (agencies and other freelancers) are male, but it is definitely not rare to see women designers, and I have quite a few as clients.

, in which we presented a group interview with professional designers and developers.

We tried to find answers to questions that are particularly useful and interesting for those just starting to design websites for a living or considering diving into the Web design industry.

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