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Explore the region, soak up the sights, or fish from the comfort of your own boat.

Hamilton Island offers a whole selection of fantastic diving and snorkelling tours, so you can explore everything this magnificent aquatic playground has to offer.

The class will go over all the basic instructions safety, equipment, using the wind properly and board riding skills. More details Sea Island Sailing School Beach Club Sailing Center View on Map The Sea Island Sailing School is a three-hour experience for the beginning sailor.

The school begins at Rainbow Island Watersports with a basic backwater sailing instruction on a Sunfish Sailboat on the Black Banks River.

Sail away and indulge in a vast array of all-inclusive water sports.

With our top-of-the-line equipment, professional staff and unparalleled tropical locations, you can choose to fly across the water - propelled by wind, motor or muscle-power - or dive beneath its pristine surface.

Snorkel around the reef, visit world-famous dive sites, play beach games on the pristine, white sand, fly across the water on a jet ski, or slow down the pace and see nature up close on a sea kayak.

Sail and Swim Whitehaven Beach Relax aboard On the Edge for an exhilarating sailing experience.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take a jet-ski or jetboat tour around the Whitsunday waterways, go wakeboarding or tube riding, or even go parasailing - for a spectacular bird’s eye view over the island.

Then, the school moves to the Beach Club Sailing Center on the open ocean for instruction on the Hobie Cat® Wave.

Enjoying the water around the Whitsundays is what Hamilton Island is all about.

Our crew will guide you through this fascinating experience completely safe and comfortable. One hour trip (visit the famous beach El Puertito) : person Share a pleasant moment with friends or in family in one of the most exclusive and luxurious boats in the Canary Islands; with its length of 20 meters it is one of the largest rigid inflatable boats in the world. Anyone older than 10 years can ride it and can be rented for a group, for a person or just for you and your couple. Marco, the founder of Water Sports Tenerife, is really passionate about engines and any machine capable of moving fast.

10% online discount: Person Experience the coolest craze in water sports. The boat takes you along the beautiful Tenerife South seaside and even allows you to take a swim in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you visit our main office you will not find Marco behind a desk, you will find him smiling in the garage with a piece of engine in his hands.

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