Was travis alexander dating someone else

Google “Amanda Knox” along with “Jodi Arias” who was recently convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend and you will see what I mean.

Of comparisons between the two, there are many dozens.

However, when Arias finally does testify, she is cold, sarcastic, and testy. ) I imagine if Amanda Knox ‘‘had’’ been formally questioned without lawyers, it would have looked something like this. (pointing on map) () Arias: It was under the passenger side of the front seat. Flores: When you were lost, you couldn’t have pulled over and found it? Flores: I’ve been focusing on why your phone turns off here, outside of Los Angeles ... In Peugia, the police had noted a discrepancy in Sollecito’s timeline. They also know that Meredith died after a long barbaric attack by three (this had zero aspects of a burglar attack or rapist attack, it also was pure rage) and Knox & RS showed signs of joy right up to their arrests.

Yes, it is segmented, but it would be mindnumbing to do a complete transcript. () Arias: Well, I didn’t turn it off physically, but it died. He claimed to have reported the burglarly then waited outside for the police. Italians mostly dont know of Arias but if they did they’d see little difference between the two.

Note these telling exchanges, all from Part 1 () Det. That person finally brought their primitive rage to the surface. I’d never read Tolstoy’s “Kreutzer Sonata” until last month and he draws an incredibly vivid picture of the unseen battle in the minds of two people who are forced into relationship (a married couple) but who are absolutely seething against each other.

Arias shuts down immediately trying to not reveal it.() Arias: I would love to help you in any way that I can Seriously? () Det Flores: Everyone is saying - I don’t understand what happened to Travis. () Arias: I’m interested in protecting how he is remembered as well. Jodi would later accuse him of everything from being abusive and controlling to pedophilia. Flores: I’ve gone over this trip over and over in my mind. She was always competing with guys in rockclimbing and outdoor sports back in Seattle. She wants to impress a guy by how capable she is in the area that will wow him. The above videos of Arias in the interview room are revealing. And Travis used her badly, they were both weak in one area common to that young age, sex, and yet both were striving desperately to rise above and to walk a spiritual path while no doubt blaming each other for their failures. Travis didn’t want the trashy Arias for a wife, and she resented that he had taken advantage of her trashiness for his own pleasure only to discard her.Arias has been arrested for murder, and her first act is pretend to be ‘‘helping the police’‘. I don’t know who killed him, but you need to look at Jodi. Knox uses Meredith’s memory to cash in on a blood money book ‘‘Waiting to be Heard’‘, does dozens of interviews claiming to be a victim, and uses her website to raise money for her legal fees to get off on Meredith’s murder. Your ‘‘friend’’ has been savagely stabbed to death, and after being arrested you are making jokes about fornication. There’s still 20-some odd hours, even if you pull over to sleep, a couple of times .... ny woman would be angry, but few would drive out of state with gas cans in the car and a stolen gun to slash the man to death.The problem is that she doesn’t seem to register just how much the contradictions ensnare her. () Arias: Are you sure that those pictures aren’t from another time? () Det Flores: You know how I told you about the camera? Someone put it in the washing machine, ran it through a wash cycle, with some clothes of Travis’, but the card is intact. I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I wanted to make sure the photos were accurate. She flirts with Detective Flores (a man), but is much more subdued by Detective Blaney (a woman).Arias, like Knox, thinks she can talks her way out of anything. We can pull deleted photos, even from 6 months ago. This questioning is much more drawn out than what Knox faced.

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